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Online bidding —bidding —bidding —bidding —bidding —bidding —bidding —bidding —

                                                      a Piece of Cake

     Internationale Philatelie

                         Jean-Paul Bach

                                     Online bids prior to the auction

                                       Your advantage:           Comfortably study all auction lots from home

                                                                 Select interesting o…ers and set your maximum bid
                                                                 Place your bids directly at any time — regardless of
                                                                 the actual auction date
                                       Get started:              A‰er registering on our website at
                                                                 we will guide you through the bidding process step by step.

                                     Real-time online live bidding

                                       Your advantage:           Keep controlling your bids until knockdown, as if you were
                                                                 attending the floor auction
                                                                 Follow the auctioneer‘s remarks acoustically
                                                                 Flag items of your choice prior to the auction
                                       Get started:              A‰er registering on our website, feel free to test the complete process

                                                                 by using our live auction simulator. This will help you
                                                                 prepare for the actual auction.



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